Bolsius Professional candles are the right choice for creating the perfect ambiance. We have more than 140 years of candle-making experience and use only the best materials. This is reflected in the beautiful flames and reliable burn times of our products.

Quality mark

Bolsius Professional candles comply with the highest quality standards and as such our products carry the RAL mark, which is displayed on our packaging. The RAL quality mark is an official European quality standard that provides guarantees regarding the raw materials used in candles and their burning properties. Candles with the RAL mark retain their shape and colour and burn for the length of time indicated with a minimum of smoke and soot.

Using candles safely

In order to enjoy candlelight safely and to best effect, we recommend that you follow our directions for use. These can be found in the form of pictograms on all Bolsius Professional packs. Below we give an explanation of what each pictogram means.

The directions for use provide recommendations and tips regarding the following:


The positioning of candles

Onbrandbare ondergrond Place candles on non-flammable surfaces, away from flammable materials.
Buiten luchtstroom Do not place candles where there is a current of air (emanating from a door or window, for example).
Warmtebron Do not place candles near to a heat source, such as direct sunlight, heating or an open fire.
Koele ruimte Use candles in rooms under 30ºC. In summer, position candles out of direct sunlight. Do not place in conservatories in the full sun.
Afstand Do not position candles too closely to each other. Burning candles should be at least 10 cm apart.

The holder

Passende houder Burn candles in a suitable holder that is the right size for the candle.
Niet brandbaar materiaal Burn candles only in holders made of non-flammable
Geschikte houder Use a suitable holder as candles can become entirely liquid while burning.
Theelicht Use tealights only in chafing dishes/heaters/containers with sufficient ventilation.Tealights need oxygen in order to burn properly.

Before lighting

Lont afknippen Before use, trim the wick back to 1 cm in length.
Rechte positie Position candles in an upright position. Candles that are not standing upright may start to smoke and drip.

While burning

Kaarsvet Do not put burnt-out matchsticks or other materials into the candle wax. This may result in a second flame, which would cause the candle to burn incorrectly and may lead to it starting to smoke or drip.
Verplaatsen Never move a burning candle.
Rand afsnijden In the case of pillar candles, ensure that the candle wax edge does not become too high. Cut it off once it is more than 1 cm high.
Zonder toezicht Never leave burning candles unattended.
Buiten bereik kinderen Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.

Extinguishing candles

Doven Never use water to extinguish candles.