A superior ambiance drives higher turnover

Catering guests stay longer with real candlelight, according to a recent study by Toluna among more than 1500 catering guests commissioned by Bolsius Professional, and that extended presence encourages ordering an extra glass of wine or a dessert.

A flame for extra atmosphere

"It literally gives warmth, the romance radiates from it, the flickering candle is unmatchable, you can't imitate that."

- Priscilla den Ouden, co-owner of In de Waag

Putting something special on the table

The Bolsius Professional range offers various holders that match your personal style and are suitable for our candles. Our rustic pillar candles are very cozy on a long table. Combine these with our tea lights for an extra atmospheric effect. Table candles are guaranteed to give extra shine to a nice evening out. Place one candle on the table for a romantic effect or several long candles in a number of holders for a fresh, modern look.

Our commitment

Irresistible experience

With our strong heritage since 1870 and our passion, we guarantee the highest quality, so you can enjoy a perfect flame with candles free from fragrance.

Social responsibility

Everything we do, we do with love for people and planet. That's why we produce our collections in Europe and minimise the usage of animal fat where we can.

Mission green

We work hard to make our company greener every day. We pioneer with plant-based wax from rapeseed and sunflower oil, use recyclable packaging and minimise the use of plastic, paper and waste when we develop new products.

We are a certified B Corp

As a B Corp, we're part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Organizations that use their business as a force of good. It marks the beginning of our journey towards continuous improvement and collective action.

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Bolsius has been lighting the way since 1870, and we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to keep our world a liveable, healthy, and safe place for future generations.

– Vincent Kristen, COO