Outdoor candles: Light up your terrace

Outdoor candles: Hour of light for every occasion

Outdoor candles: Wide range of colours & designs

Outdoor candles

Bolsius Professional has developed a special range of candles that stay alight outside. Our Outdoor Candles provide long burning times, and are safe for indoor and outdoor use. Our Twilight range burns for 70 hours, the Starlight range for 50 hours and our Relight® range for 24 or 30 hours. The outdoor collection has some distinctive and contemporary designs in various colours, so you can combine them however you choose to suit the occasion or season.

Our assortment includes a range of different outdoor candles

Twilight - 70 hours

ReLight® holder outdoor


Twilight candles are available in a wide range of cheerful colours

Twilight white

Twilight transparent

Twilight amber

Twilight red

Twilight fuchsia

Twilight sea green

Twilight turquoise

Twilight blue

Twilight purple

Twilight lime

Starlight candles are available in different colours




Create the perfect atmosphere with Bolsius Professional

Stand out and make your tables extra special. We promise an odourless and beautiful flame, steady burning behaviour and a reliable burning time. We produce our collections with great care for people and the planet, therefore all of our products are sourced and produced in Europe without any animal fat.

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Choose Relight® holder outdoor on your terrace

The modern Relight® holders outdoor are very stable and weatherproof

Twilight is an ideal atmospheric light that will burn for 70 hours

Outdoor candles are suitable for every occasion