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Create the perfect atmosphere

Bolsius Professional offer a complete range of candles and accessories, specially developed for indoor and outdoor use, for the restaurant, catering and hospitality industry. We use premium materials and aim for a fragrance free, clean burning candle that delivers maximum performance, so you can create the best possible atmosphere for your restaurant or catering event.


In addition to candles, Bolsius Professional offers every a range of accessories to ensure you can use your Bolsius products safely and to the maximum effect.

Outdoor candles

Bolsius Professional has developed a range of candles that are safe for indoor and outdoor use, with distinctive and contemporary designs in various colours.

Pillar candles

Pillar candles bring a warm atmosphere to every interior, and are available in different heights and diameters, provide long burn times, and are easy to relight.

Relight® Refills

The Relight® range enables you to change the colour or design of your candle quickly and easily, to match a theme or an event.

Tapered and table candles

Tapered and Table Candles help to enhance a stylish interior and heighten the atmosphere at a formal table.

Tealights and floating candles

Tealights and Floating Candles provide a reliable burn time, a beautiful flame, and leave minimal residue.

Create the perfect atmosphere with Bolsius Professional

Stand out and make your tables extra special. We promise an odourless and beautiful flame, steady burning behaviour and a reliable burning time. We produce our collections with great care for people and the planet, therefore all of our products are sourced and produced in Europe without any animal fat.