Our sustainability journey

We believe in our responsibility to keep the world healthy and safe for future generations. Bolsius stands for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We do this with passion, craftsmanship and love for people and planet, so we can continue to inspire, connect and warm people with the magic of candlelight.

Irresistible experience

Over 150 years ago, Bolsius began as a small family business with one clear goal: to make the very best candles. Now with more than 1,000 employees and enriched with 150 years of knowledge, craftsmanship and ambition, we have become even better at creating top quality (scented) candles and reed diffusers. Our candles burn cleanly, without polluting soot, smoke or fumes. The carefully woven cotton wick always ensures a stable flame. And those delicious scents? Those have been carefully developed in collaboration with (our own) fragrance specialists, for the ultimate fragrance experience in your home!

Social responsibility

We care about life, which is why we make our candles and fragrance sticks with love, in a fair way and without harming people, animals and our planet. This is why we consciously choose customers and suppliers who share our core values. We value the well-being of our colleagues, with a strong focus on development, diversity & inclusiveness. We also donate part of our time, products and finances to various charities. For example, we participate in 1% for the Planet, we are at the local Christmas market and every employee may devote one day annually to volunteer work!

Mission Green

We are working hard to make our company and our products increasingly green. We optimize our candle blends and pioneer with vegetable oils, such as rapeseed and sunflower oils. Not only are we looking at our ingredients, we're also improving our packaging. Recyclable glass and paper, minimal use of plastic and avoidance of waste are important when developing new products. We also invest in sustainable transportation and recycle candle residues from production.

We are a certified B Corp

As a B Corp, we're part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Organizations that use their business as a force of good. It marks the beginning of our journey towards continuous improvement and collective action.

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We are on a journey to look after both people and planet for now and future generations; they are the most precious things we have, and we need to pioneer every day to protect them.

– Stacie Raymond, Head of Sustainability

A strategic approach

Creating products of unimpeachable quality in a fast-changing world means we are always transitioning and innovating. Our dedicated team is not only making the safest and best quality candles out there. Our impact strategy is based on three pillars: reduce, care and engage. They guide our decision-making process on all different levels. From choosing suppliers that deliver responsibly sourced materials that meet environmental and social standards, to reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions such as energy-efficient lighting and equipment.

Create the perfect atmosphere with Bolsius Professional

Stand out and make your tables extra special. We promise an odourless and beautiful flame, steady burning behaviour and a reliable burning time. We produce our collections with great care for people and the planet, therefore all of our products are sourced and produced in Europe without any animal fat.