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Bolsius - CleanLight refill - Gardenia & Fig

Enjoy the magic of candlelight time and again. Gardenia & Fig is an inviting feel-good fragrance that blends exotic flowers, sweet fig and a hint of musk. The special CleanLight holder is designed to let the candle burn completely in 20 hours, without leaving a single drop of wax behind. Remove the wick plate, and simply refill the holder with a new candle. This is a more sustainable way of endless enjoyment. Made with natural vegan wax, and palm oil free.

Available from:

  • 3x better fragrance experience thanks to ScentMax technology:
  • Purest fragrance release
  • Clean burning
  • Refillable
  • No palm oil
  • Made with natural vegan wax

CleanLight is kind to the planet and to your wallet: the refills not only last a long time (up to 20 hours); they also burn down completely, leaving only the wick plate and thus very little waste. It is made from natural vegan wax and contains no palm oil.


Bolsius has been producing quality candles and scented products since 1870, using only the best materials. Each Bolsius product is specially crafted in a more sustainable production process in Europe. Enjoy a magical fragrance experience with clean burning candles made from vegan wax and natural extracts but without palm oil.

Since 1870, Bolsius has been making quality products to create cosiness and a warm ambience in your home. We do this with passion, skilled craftsmanship and a love for people and planet. Bolsius inspires, connects and warms people with the magic of candlelight and fragrances that tickle the senses. It's how you can make every moment a special one. For yourself and for everyone around you.

Place the product in a safe place, far from any flammable materials and not in direct sunlight. Make sure the holder cannot fall over. Place the refill in the special CleanLight holder and enjoy the scent and the light. Has your refill burned out? Simply discard the wick holder and replace it with a new refill in your favourite scent!

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