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Bolsius - outdoor citronella candle - yellow - 9.4cm

Enjoy stylish and carefree summer evenings outside! Bolsius outdoor citronella candles contain natural extracts, have a lovely fresh scent and burn up to 40 hours.

Available from:

  • High quality
  • Perfect flame
  • Natural extracts
  • With natural vegan wax
  • No palm oil
  • Without animal fat

Quality candles can be recognised by their long burn time and their use of the best materials. Thanks to the braided cotton wick, the flame will remain stable. The shape of the glass jar ensures that your candle will not blow out so quickly.


Bolsius has been producing quality candles since 1870, using only the best materials. Each Bolsius candle is made with craftsmanship and is sustainably produced in Europe. The candle’s cotton wick is braided to ensure that you will always have a stable flame.

Since 1870, Bolsius has been making quality products to create cosiness and a warm ambience in your home. We do this with passion, skilled craftsmanship and a love for people and planet. Bolsius inspires, connects and warms people with the magic of candlelight and fragrances that tickle the senses. It's how you can make every moment a special one. For yourself and for everyone around you.

Place the product in a safe place and keep it out of direct sunlight and away from flammable materials. Make sure the candle cannot fall over. Use a candle snuffer to prevent splattering.

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